Attracting Foreign Investments

  • There is a need to clearly define the focus areas which could Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, agriculture and food logistics, Liquefied Natural Gas production and distribution, warehousing, and e-auto rickshaws.
  • There is a need for political stability in states as policy predictability is essential for attracting investments.
  • Constant improvement of human resource can lead to higher investments.
  • Image building is extremely important for attracting investments and must be supplemented by extensive outreach activities.
  • Infrastructure should be constantly improved. A robust industrial and infrastructure policy must be put in place.
  • There is a need for investment facilitation in terms of effective follow up mechanisms and single window clearance.
  • Enacting a separate law on the ‘ease of doing business’ (like Tamil Nadu) and formulating a separate council on the lines of GST council would go a long way.
  • MSME sector must be made more productive to reap the actual benefits of investments in the economy.

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