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POINT IAS is a dedicated platform aimed at providing quality study material and content for UPSC Civil Services exam preparation.

With a flood of information available all around, our aim is to extract & streamline all the relevant bits & pieces and present the same to you in a concise, reader-friendly manner.

At the outset, we would like to note that we like to keep our materials ‘crisp, concise, conceptual and contextual’. We believe in dealing with ‘one-issue at a time’. Therefore, we keep our posts short but packed with information. We sincerely believe in quality over quantity and therefore have an ‘information-application oriented approach’ in our study material. Every piece of information can be useful. The crux lies in the application. A piece of information may be useful for prelims and the same information can be used for an answer in Mains or can be a forceful marks-fetching point in an essay. Therefore, we focus on information, short and crisp, so that our readers never lose the context and make the most of every information.

We sincerely hope that our esteemed readers find our services useful!