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POINT IAS is a dedicated platform aimed at providing quality study material and content for UPSC Civil Services exam preparation.

With a flood of information available all around, our aim is to extract & streamline all the relevant bits & pieces and present the same to you in a concise, reader-friendly manner.

At the outset, we would like to note that we like to keep our materials ‘crisp, concise, conceptual and contextual’. We believe in dealing with ‘one-issue at a time’. Therefore, we keep our posts short but packed with information. We sincerely believe in quality over quantity and therefore have an ‘information-application oriented approach’ in our study material. Every piece of information can be useful. The crux lies in the application. A piece of information may be useful for prelims and the same information can be used for an answer in Mains or can be a forceful marks-fetching point in an essay. Therefore, we focus on information, short and crisp, so that our readers never lose the context and make the most of every information.

Keeping the pattern of the UPSC CSE in mind, we have divided our portal into relevant sections namely –

  • UPSC Prelims 
  • CSE Corner
  • General Studies
  • Summary of Articles

UPSC Prelims –  The syllabus of UPSC CSE – Preliminary Examination is vast. Moreover so, in the recent times, the questions as asked in this examination have been more ‘conceptual and context based’ than fact based. Thus, in order to crack the Preliminary Examination, it is imperative that one has an in-depth contextual clarity of the relevant topics.

Therefore, POINT IAS brings to you the unique initiative of Prelims Daily. This section of the website would provide an ‘issue-based’ analysis for assisting in preparations for the Preliminary Examination. In order to ensure that our readers get an all-round contextual understanding of the issues, questions (strictly as per the pattern of UPSC CSE – Preliminary Examination) relating to a specific issue would be posted under this section. We believe that solving a certain number of questions which are related to a specific issue would help our readers understand the ‘concept and context’ of an issue and would also be easy to keep the details in mind. Detailed answers of each of the questions would also be provided in the post.

CSE Corner – In this section of POINT IAS website, our readers would find general material/information related to UPSC CSE examination. Though the information in this section might be general, it certainly is not something that can be ignored by any serious aspirant. In this section, we would be regularly posting information relating to the ‘strategy, approach and attitude’ that is required for cracking this examination.

General Studies – With the diverse range of topics as part of UPSC CSE syllabus for general studies (Preliminary and Mains), this section would provide information from relevant sources in a contextual manner. It cannot be denied that as per the trend of the examination, focus on factual information cannot be solely relied upon. Along with the facts, it is imperative to focus on the context in which the facts are being presented so as to make our knowledge interdisciplinary.

Therefore, under the ‘General Studies’ section, we would provide our readers with contextual information extracted after careful research and analysis of various resources. The information under this head shall be provided in an essay format so as to boost the understanding of our readers and shall be extremely useful for answer writing in the UPSC CSE Mains examination.

Summary of Articles – Reading newspapers and magazines is an inseparable part of the UPSC CSE examination preparation process. However, due to paucity of time, most of us rely on a single newspaper (e.g. The Hindu) or magazine (e.g. Yojana). In order to supplement the preparation of our readers, in addition to providing the summaries of The Hindu and Yojana we would be presenting relevant information from other sources (like NITI Aayog Publications, RBI Circulars, Notifications from Ministries, United Nations Reports etc.) in a concise manner in the section titled ‘Summary of Articles’. Wherever required, we would also connect the information provided in different sources so as to enhance the knowledge base of our readers.

We sincerely hope that our esteemed readers find these services useful!