Problems/challenges during Lock-down

  • The fundamental rights of the people are jeopardised.
  • There is an adverse impact on the justice delivery system.
  • Lack of essential items like food, fuel etc.
  • Preventing the people from hoarding essential items is a challenge.
  • Restrictions on movement thus affecting daily life of people especially the elderly, children and people in need of medical attention.
  • Restrictions on schools have a great impact – social and emotional on the children – Kashmir lockdown is a case in point.
  • The government officials become vulnerable to violence from the local people who are looking for a medium to vent their anger. Providing security to government officials is a challenge.
  • The social fabric of the society gets distorted. As people are not able to come together to celebrate their culture and festivals.
  • The government functionaries face a huge challenge to balance the precarious situation and their duties towards the government.