International Relations – Compilation of Articles (2018-19).

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‘International Relations (IR)’ is an important part of the General Studies paper of the UPSC Mains examination. Every year, a considerable number of questions are asked from the IR segment. In addition, the IR segment is heavily reliant on the current events. Therefore, a thorough understanding of current events is extremely important to tackle the IR segment of the Mains Examination.

The lack of any formal resource for IR makes the preparation of this segment challenging. Therefore, to assist your preparation for the IR segment we have prepared a compilation of important articles that have appeared in newspapers (mainly The Hindu) over the last year (i.e. 2018-19). Going through these articles would give you an idea of the contemporary issues that have been in news. Not only that, a thorough reading of these articles would help you arrange your answers effectively so that you get more marks.

Countries which have been a major part of India’s foreign policy have been given more importance in this document. For example, countries like USA, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, China etc. which have had major foreign policy interactions with India have been given more importance. Articles for specific issues (e.g. GSP with USA; Taliban in relation of Afghanistan) have also been included in the document.  The list for these countries includes:

  • Sri Lanka
  • USA
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia

Considering that UPSC loves to throw surprises, articles in relation to countries which have been an important part of India’s foreign policy (but not as important as countries like USA, China etc.) have also been included. This list of 23+ countries include include Nigeria, Egypt, Argentina, Fiji etc.

Also, articles in relation to other important aspect of IR like the neighbourhood first policy, Act East policy, India’s role in West Asia, India’s involvement in SAARC have also been included along with some miscellaneous articles which shall prove to be important for value addition.

Important Disclaimer: This document is to be used as a supplementary material and not a standalone material for the preparation of ‘International Relations’ segments of UPSC Mains’19 preparation.

POINT IAS neither claims any ownership, intellectual or otherwise, of the contents of the following articles nor does intend to violate the ownership rights of the authors. POINT IAS has provided the countrywise/topicwise compilation of these articles for the ease of the readers.

The contents of this document are being provided on an ‘as is’ basis. All the terms & conditions and privacy policy as available on www.pointias.com shall be applicable. Any portion/full of this compilation document shall be reproduced without the written consent of the authors of this compilation document.

Click here to download : IR – Compilation of Articles Sample.pdf

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