Corruption and the Challenges it Poses

Source: T.R. Raghunandan, The Hindu, After the Floods, Bengaluru Needs to Clean Up its Act

Practice Question: Corruption poses multi-layered challenges to the society. Comment.  

How does corruption cripple economic growth:

  • Corruption transfers inordinate wealth to the undeserving.
  • It creates a slew of vested interests, who resist anti-corruption process reforms.

Loopholes in the fight against corruption:

  • Narrow, legal definition of corruption enables many in a corrupt system to escape culpability as private corruption is not criminalized.
  • E-Governance is often not the effective solution as claimed. E-enabled systems often only relocate the locus of corruption; they do not solve all of it.

Anti-Corruption Strategies:

  • Regular assessments and evaluations of ongoing anti-corruption measures.
  • A genuine regime of whistle-blower protection is needed.
  • There has to be a conscious move towards promoting ethical behaviour.

Important Quotes from the article:

  • “Everybody decries corruption outwardly, but submits to it meekly.”
  • …we must understand that the corrupt often use the honest to further their subversive agendas.”
  • “If anti-corruption strategies are to be successful, the process needs enlightened leadership.”

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