Right to Repair Reforms – Big Step in Saving Environment

In this day and age, electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our lives… So we buy different kinds of devices with the latest technology, use them for a while and then when it breaks down, what do we do?. We have two choices – we either pay unreasonably high prices to have the manufacturer fix the device or, more likely and something which most of do, is to discard the old one and buy another one. For manufacturers, either of these options is a win-win case, because high priced repairs as well as new sales mean more profits. However, this trend is slowly changing in several parts of the world. Apple recently announced that consumers will have the right to purchase spare components of their products. Google also announced plans to expand access to the parts and tools that consumers need to fix their own devices. These announcements by big-tech companies follow widespread calls for Right To Repair reforms. In fact, Right to Repair Bills have slowly been working their way through legislatures in different countries. In Perspective today, we will analyse what is the Right to Repair, how does it help consumers like you and me and how will these reforms help in protecting the environment.

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