NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – 4 Important Points

Webb telescope and its launch vehicle – an Ariane5
  • NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is expected to unveil many secrets of the universe, particularly those related to the formation of stars and galaxies in the early period — the first few hundred million years — after the Big Bang.
  • JWST has the ability to view far away objects and thus capture the light coming in from them. Since the light coming from these objects started their journey light years ago, JWST will enable scientists to look back in time.
  • JWST is extremely powerful and thus has the ability to look in the ‘infrared spectrum’ enabling it to look deeper into the universe and look through obstructions such as gas clouds.
  • JWST is an engineering marvel. One large mirror, with a diameter of 21 feet and a five-layer, tennis court-sized, kite-shaped sunscreen that is designed to block the heat from Sun have been fitted with the telescope.
  • JWST will also take pictures of faraway objects and improve mankind’s understanding of the universe.

Source: Indian Express

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