Global Trade Connect: Development of Seaports

In a globalised world, the development of seaports is a major step towards boosting exports. In its pursuit of the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat, India is playing a vital role in the post-Covid world by increasing its manufacturing and exporting capabilities. The union government is working on an effective strategy to make India a world leader in global trade in order to achieve double digit growth and stimulate development. The endeavour includes development and modernisation of sea ports, pushing air cargo operations, policies to improve ease of doing business, removing bottlenecks, and making most of the processes digital. The flagship Sagarmala program was launched to make Indian ports world-class and globally competitive. It aims to promote port-led development while reducing the cost of logistics, improving efficiency while increasing capacity. Other than the development of ports, India is also looking to harness its inland waterways for cargo transportation.

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