Coarse Grains – Advantages and Prospects

This is a ‘Quick Revision’ post on the advantages of Millet farming in India.

All millets, Maize and Barely are known as Coarse grains. Total of 1162886 (11.62 LMT) coarse grains have been procured during year 2020-21.

Important Points:

  • The UN General Assembly declared year 2023 as “International Year of Millets”.
  • Production of coarse grains being nutritious food results in sustainable agriculture development, and diversification of crops, their procurement needs to be encouraged.
  • Millets are grown on marginal and un-irrigated land and procurement will help in doubling farmers income.
  • Millets are more nutritious and hence would help India fight against malnutrition.
  • Millets are more environment friendly and hence help in promoting sustainable agriculture and in preservation of environment.
  • Shelf life of some coarse grains is more than three months.

Important Points for Prelims

  • The major coarse grains crop covered under Minimum Support Price (MSP) are Jowar (Hybrid), Jowar (Maldandi), Bajra, Ragi, Maize and Barley.
  • All millets, Maize and Barely are known as Coarse grains.
  • As per the present Guideline for Coarse Grain, the procurement period given to the State Government should not go beyond three months and the second condition to stipulate that procurement period should also not go beyond one month from end of normal period of harvesting of concerned crop in the State.
  • A maximum of 6 months’ time is provided to the States for procurement and distribution of coarse grains through Public Distribution System (PDS).

Source: PIB

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