Why Panipat was called the favorite battlefield:

  • Strategic Location – Panipat had a strategic location. Panipat was the ideal meeting point for the war parties coming in from north-west via the Khyber Pass. Panipat was also preferred by the kings defending Delhi (the political capital) as it was not very close to Delhi (as no king wanted a war close to the capital) yet not very far which made the supply of reinforcements easy and quick. Its proximity to Delhi made it easier for the Indian rulers to transport weapons, military and food supplies etc., to thebattle ground, and still keep the capital insulated from the conflict at hand.
  • Comparatively easy Military Movement – To move a military through rough terrains—deserts of Rajasthan or the other northern areas infested with dense forests—was very risky and difficult. Moreover, Panipat’s surrounding region has a flat ground which was suitable for cavalry movement—the main mode of warfare at thetime.
  • Construction of the Grand Trunk Road – After the construction of the Grand Trunk Road by Sher ShahSuri (1540-45), Panipat was on this route. It became easier for conquerors to find their way there
  • Short rainfall duration – The duration of monsoon rainfall in the region is short in comparison to other areas making it easier to fight.
  • Expert Artisans/Smiths – The artisans/smiths of these regions were experts in making warfare-related materials and hence it became easier for forces of both parties to replenish their war materials.

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