Conduct of elections in a vast country like India involves elaborate security management. It includes ensuring the security of polling personnel, security at the polling stations, security of polling materials and also the overall security of the election process. Central Armed Para Forces are deployed for area domination prior to poll in order to build confidence in the minds of voters specially vulnerable voters viz. weaker section, minorities etc. The challenge is more so in the Left-wing Extremism (LWE) affected areas. The abuse of ‘Money Power’ in election entails certain risks like uneven playing field, lack of fair competition, political exclusion of certain sectors, co-opted politicians under campaign debts and tainted governance with rule of law undermined. Curbing the use of money power during election process is another major challenge in view of its inherent complexities involved. By amendment made to the Representation of the People Act, 1951, conducting and publishing results of exit polls have been prohibited from the time of commencement of poll till half an hour after conclusion of poll in all constituencies. The Commission has been suggesting to the Government that there should be a similar prohibition or restriction on opinion polls also as there could be several manipulated opinion polls which could impact the voting pattern. The prevalence of Web and social media has increased over the years and there have been demands from the political and social groups to regulate the social media during elections as other media is regulated. With the emergence of use of social media for election campaigning and also certain violations of the Electoral Law in the social media, regulation of social media has become important in the interest of transparency and level playing field in the elections.

Source: https://eci.gov.in/about/about-eci/the-functions-electoral-system-of-india-r2/

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