Quick Pointers:

  • Challenges:
    • Establishing hardware, software and IT systems for courts;
    • Establishing appropriate e-filing systems and procedures; 
    • Creating skill training and recognition for paralegals.
    • Lack of awareness among people.
  • Way Forward:
    • Drawing a blueprint – Involvement of judges, technologists, court administrators, skill developers and system analysts to draw up a blueprint for institutionalising online access to justice. 
    • Leveraging AI – Examining application of artificial intelligence benefiting from the database generated through e-courts projects; 
    • Framing rules – Frame appropriate rules to operationalise the e-court system.
    • Ensure accountability & Implementation – A system must be set in place for the applicant to lodge online complaints with the Legal Services Authorities who can then ensure accountability and effective implementation. 
    • Exploring other options – The other facilities that would help access to justice are online mediation, arbitration, counselling in family court matters, quick settlement of disputed insurance claims, and many more. 

Source – The Hindu

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