India’s Internal Security | ORF HINDU CONCLAVE 2020


Security – internal as well as external is a foundational pillar and a primary concern of nation-states everywhere. As an independent nation, India has often struggled with the question of internal security and in light of recent events, this question has not only assumed unparalleled significance in policy circles but also generated a rigorous debate among the general public. As such, it has become imperative to identify the various dimensions of and perceptible threats to India’s internal security. There is an urgent need to understand how various stakeholders across regions, religions, and ethnicities are affected by and influence the decisions of the government and whether internal security matters are affected by the larger sub-continental environment. In addition, as India aims to build a stable social order it also needs to reflect upon the possibility of going beyond the conventional understanding of security to include the parameters of HDI and Happiness Index to arrive at a more comprehensive and inclusive framework.