Important excerpts from The Hindu:

  • Darknet, known as the underworld of the Internet.
  • Cyberdome, the Kerala State police department’s premier facility dedicated to prevent cybercrime and mitigate security threats to the State’s critical information infrastructure.
  • Darknet is a layer of the Internet accessible only by using special software like Tor (The Onion Router), or I2P, which stands for Invisible Internet Project. Websites and information on the Darknet are intentionally hidden and cannot be accessed using traditional search engines like Google.
  • The relative impermeability of Darknet has made it a major haven for drug dealers, arms traffickers, child pornography collectors and other criminals involved in financial and physical crimes so much so that one can buy anything from tigers to hand grenades to any kind of narcotic substances, provided the potential buyer finds the right website on the Darknet.
  • Bitcoins are the most preferred method of payment.
  • Justice Deepak Gupta of the Supreme Court on Tuesday expressed his extreme unease at the dangerous inroads made by online technology, saying it hardly took five minutes to buy an AK-47 on the dark web.
  • Innocents were trolled online, anonymous entities used social media to drag reputations through the mud, hate and crimes like paedophilia spread online unchecked. It was necessary to trace and punish the ‘originators’ of these crimes.
  • The government had to take the initiative with social intermediaries such as Facebook and WhatsApp; courts have little expertise in the area.
  • Why should someone be able to troll me and spread lies about my character online? State can look after itself but what about the individual? What remedy is there?

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