Reading notes and summaries is good. However, to write a good answer in Mains examination, it would require something more than just knowledge. Knowing ‘how to write’ an answer is as important as knowing ‘what to write’ in an answer.

Therefore, reading the original text of the articles is extremely important and nothing can replace that. Thus, we have compiled a list of articles on 50 relevant topics from the newspaper – The Hindu for the month of August, 2019. In addition to the knowledge about a topic, reading these articles would help the aspirants in giving a structure to their answers, provide relevant data and use important keywords in accordance with the demands of the question. We are sure that you would find this compilation extremely useful!

To download the document click here.

List of Topics

  • Disturbance in Libya
  • Air Pollution
  • Maternal Health
  • Crisis in the Arab world
  • Gene editing
  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • Women Safety
  • Use of data
  • Generic medicine
  • Crisis in Afghanistan
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • CM-LG dispute
  • Citizenship bill
  • Issues with Public Private Partnerships
  • Issues with purchase of S-400
  • Cold Storage Capacity in India
  • Triple talaq law
  • Mob Lynching
  • Tiger Conservation
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Abolition of Article 370
  • Surrogacy Bill
  • Right to information
  • Kulbhushan Jadhav case
  • Efficiency of the Parliament
  • Water Scarcity
  • Medical Commission Bill
  • WTO issues
  • Transgender Rights
  • Nuclear History
  • Unlawful activities prevention act
  • Tuberculosis
  • Witness Protection
  • Contract Farming in India
  • ISIS
  • Misuse of Social Media
  • No-first use policy
  • MSME sector
  • FPIs
  • Power Sector
  • Solar Energy
  • Tobacco Use
  • RBI fund transfer
  • Resolution of Stressed Loans
  • Impact of Merging of Banks
  • Loan Waiver vs. Loan Write Off
  • Banking Sector in India
  • NBFCs
  • Increase in investment.
  • Chief of Defence Staff

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