New Initiative – Mains’19 GS Compilation.

We are sure you must have started your preparation for UPSC Mains 2019. To supplement your preparation, do you have a topic-wise compilation of articles (editorials) from The Hindu (+ other relevant sources) from JUNE 2018?

Don’t worry! We are providing you with exactly the same. In order to assist you with your preparation UPSC Mains 2019, we are happy to announce our new initiative where we would be providing you daily with articles from The Hindu (+ other relevant sources from June 2018) on all relevant topics. Reading these articles would surely help you write brilliant answers and give you an extra edge over others.

To make things easy for you, we have arranged the articles according to various topics. Thus, for each topic we would be providing you with 2-3 (maybe even more) most important articles which featured in the newspaper in the last year/current year.

Why you should religiously follow this initiative?

Reading weekly/monthly compilations for current affairs is good to get a general understanding of the topic. However, these compilations may be good for UPSC Prelims exam but the analysis and arguments (which are extremely important to write answers in the Mains exam) are absent from these compilations. These compilations mostly provide us with only facts and very little analysis. Thus, as many toppers have time and again said – “THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR READING A GOOD NEWSPAPER.” Therefore, in order to get more marks than others, you must follow this initiative.

How will this initiative help you?

This initiative will help you in a number of ways including:

  • Writing better answers/essays – Summaries/compilations are good as they may tell us ‘what to write in an answer/essay’. But it cannot be denied that ‘how to present an answer/essay’ is as important as ‘what to write in an answer/essay’. That is where the original articles become important. Editorials of good newspapers like ‘The Hindu’, not only tell us ‘what to write in an answer/essay’ but also tell us ‘how to present an answer/essay’. THEREFORE, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ORIGINAL TEXT OF THE ARTICLES. The original text not only enhances your knowledge but also tells us how to present arguments/opinions in a manner which will get us most marks.
  • Topic-wise articles – We will provide you with articles on various important topics, all at one place. Thus, you don’t have to compile articles from various places.
  • Daily division = less burden – We will ensure that you don’t feel burdened with the number of topics. We will provide you with a certain number of articles daily and will cover a considerable number of topics till September 10, 2019. You just have to click on the links and the articles will open in a new tab.
  • Early start – We understand that in addition to your revision and answer-writing practice, you need to revise a lot. Keeping this in mind, we are starting this initiative early so that even if you spend 45 mins – 1 hour daily on reading these articles, you will be able to cover a considerable portion before Mains 2019.
  • Chronology – We have arranged the articles in such a manner that you will start your preparation with the most relevant topics for Mains 2019. First, we will provide you with topics which were in news in May, 2019 and move towards less relevant topics (going backwards till June, 2018). The extremely important topics which were/would be in news from June 2019 – August 2019 would be dealt with in a separate weekly initiative.


We hope you find this initiative useful. Please feel free to provide us with suggestions/opinions in the comments section. 

Featured image Source – Tablet Magazine. 


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