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Writing a good essay can fetch you a lot of marks in the UPSC CSE. Also, writing an essay can be a tricky affair in the UPSC examination. The reason for this is the variety of topics that UPSC comes up with. Moreover so, in most cases, it is demanded that a theme be analyzed from a specific angle. Thus, in such a case, preparing an essay on a specified topic would not be beneficial. It is required that one has a holistic, research based understanding of a theme and thus can write an essay as per the demand of the topic. And to achieve that, practice is imperative.

A good essay reflects a balanced analysis and a strong opinion based on research. Therefore, in order to help our readers practice essay writing, we regularly provide various themes/topics for practice. Not only that, we provide you with quality study material on that topic so that you can read, formulate your own opinion and write a brilliant essay. 


Theme – “Manual Scavenging – the worst surviving symbol of untouchability”

Resources (Click on the links to open them in a new tab/window):

  1. Down to Earth
  2. Down to Earth
  3. The Indian Express
  4. The Hindu
  5. The Indian Express
  6. Human Rights Watch

Quote-worthy –

“Unless we get a sense of shame, anger and take it as an affront to our, not just the involved person’s dignity, there can be no change in the existing practice”.

– Mr. Jairam Ramesh, the ex-Rural Development Minister of India on the practice of manual scavenging. 

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