National Remote Sensing Centre

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), located at Hyderabad is one of the centres of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), striving to realise the Indian Space Vision, as a key player in Earth Observation Programme and Disaster Management Support programme.

NRSC is responsible for acquisition, processing, supply of aerial and satellite remote sensing data and continuously exploring the practical uses of remote sensing technology for multilevel (global to local) applications. It provides the necessary trained manpower through capacity building in remote sensing applications.

NRSC provides data for natural resource management, geospatial applications and information services. NRSC facilitates several remote sensing & GIS application projects for natural resources and environmental management catering to food security, water security, energy security and sustainable development. NRSC is also providing single window, disaster management support services through the Decision Support Centre.

NRSC has started to give its services on Land use/Land cover of India under an Information portal called Bhoosampada. The major objective of this portal is the dissemination and sharing of geo-spatial information derived from remote sensing data on land use and land cover of India.

Source: Wikipedia