E-Green Watch and Decision Support System.

E-green watch and Decision Support System (DSS) are recent initiatives of the Forest Survey of India.

E-green watch:

E-Green Watch is an integrated & online Geographic Information System (GIS) that will monitor the regeneration of vegetation cover and promoting afforestation as a way of compensating for forest land which is diverted to non-forest uses under CAMPA. It will present the data in real time and shall be accessible to all stakeholders and public at large.

Decision Support System:

The GIS based decision support system (DSS) will provide high resolution satellite imagery and ground details of forest cover, eco-sensitive zones, geo-referenced boundaries of protected areas and net present value (NVP) of region and state-wise forest cover.

The DSS assists  daily patrolling, surveillance and monitoring of wildlife and forest cover and will have specific components for wildlife management like information on notified tiger corridors, migratory corridors and endangered flora and fauna habitat. The system will also provide information on location of forest infrastructure like watch towers and Very High Frequency (VHF) towers.



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